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Mistrz Zygmunt Nadratowski

Per Pale, Argent & Gules, a Cross Osmorog sable and augmented with a Dragon's claw holding a rapier

zygport1.jpg (106650 bytes)

Fall crown 2007 shield face - "Her Love Is My Armor"

Knight: His Grace Sir Dag Thorgrimsson
Squired: Val Day, 2006
Region: Pentamere/Shire of Talonval/House Grammorgin/House Eagle's Heart

Name: Tom Nadratowski
Contact info:
Email: panzygmunt (at) gmail (dot) com

AoA, Order of the Willow, Cavendish Knot, Order of the Bronze Ring, Royal Augmentation of Arms (A Dragon's claw holding a rapier), Order of the Evergreen (Polish Culture & Costuming), Order of the Laurel (Period Polish Studies & Polish Costuming).