Ulf Johannes Pieter von Greiffenburg


  • Sir Arik, Viscount of the Sun, OL, OP (Yule-1988, Belt returned  30 Year-1996)
  • Sor Ustad:
    Date squired: November, 2005
    Region: Oaken


    Name:  Scott Sheldon
    Contact info:
    Email: ulfish1 [at) insightbb <dot] com

    Baron Fenix, 01 MAR 14
    Order of the Gutte de Sang/Grant of Arms
    Award of Arms (Atenveldt)May 13 AS 24 /1989

    Honor of Sun Dragon-Red (Sun Dragon/Sun/Atenveldt) /1993
    Honor of Sun Dragon-White (Sun Dragon/Sun/Atenveldt) /1993
     Goutte de Sang-GoA (An Tir)June 10 AS 35 /2000
    Golden Torc (Three Mountains/An Tir) October 28 AS 35 /2000
    Sergeancy Candidate October AS 37 /2002
    Pinecone/Baronís Cypher (Three Mountains/An Tir) July 19 AS 38 /2003
     Baronial Champion A&S (Flame/Middle) May AS 40 /2005


    Apprentice to Master Gwilym Moore de Montfort, Baron, OP (Yule-2001)

    Vert - Two Bears, Rampant, Adorsed, Regardent, Argent; Armed and Langed, Gules; A Chief, Rayony, Or; A Compass Star, Elongated to Base, Azure


    Offices held:

    Sheriff (Ered Sul/Sun/Atenveldt)

    Knight Marshal

    Deputy A&S

    Deputy Herald

    Deputy Seneschal


    Autocrat - Aten/Outlands War IV (Atenveldt)

     Deputy Marshal (Sun Dragon/Sun/Atenveldt)

     Junior Marshal (An Tir)

    Senior Marshal

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