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Meister Konrad Mailander
Arms: Per Fess Argent & Gules, a Brown Bear's head Cabossed Proper and a cross Couped, Argent
Arms of Haus Mailander

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Knight: His Excellency Sir Gunther von Brandenburg
Squired: Festival of Maidens, 2003
Region:  North Oaken/Barony of Red Spears/Haus Brandenburg/Haus Mailander/House de Bearsul


Name: Dale Niederhauser

Contact info:
110 Dodge St., Swanton, OH, 43558

Email: konrad (at) netscape (dot) com

Awards: Order of the Pelican, Order of theGold Mace, Grant of Arms (with Gold Mace), Order of the Silver Oak, Order of the Red Company, Order of the Dragon’s Tooth x 2, Award of the Doe’s Grace, Award of the Purple Fret , Award of Arms.

Baronial Awards & Honors: Order of the Hastati, Baron's Honor Guard, Orde van de Zuil, Order of the Ruby Chalice, Order of the Boars Eye, Order of the Boarsbane, Order of the Hildisvin, Sheriff of Red Spears.

Other affiliations: Apprentice to Master Brusten de Bearsul, OP, OL; First recipient of the Langar Thurs; Middle Kingdom Unbelted Champions Team 2001 - 2009; North Oaken Regional XO 2002, 2003; Oaken Regional Herald 2001 - 2004, 2005; North Oaken Regional Marshal 2007 - 2009.

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