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Eidiard an Gobhainn

Knight: Ustad "the dreaded" Hasan al Hajjii
Date squired: August 10, 2010
Region: Oaken/Ev Korku/Clan Caraid


Name: Bryian E. Winner
Contact info:
Email: eidiard [at) gmail <dot] com

He is currently serving as Dernehealde's Seneschal and is the author of "The Anvil's Ring" a regular feature in the Shire's newsletter The Derneheralde. Past offices include Minister of Arts & Sciences, Marshal of Fence and Marshal at Large of Fence. He is also a Grandfather Guildmaster of the Honorable Union of Blacksmiths and Metalworkers, Barony Middle Marches under Baron Sir Thomas. In A.S 37 he recognized by the Society Chronicler with the The William Blackfox Award for "Best Regular Feature".

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